Empowering and supporting both kids and women is essential for building a more inclusive and equitable society.



School Support

Human Supporters Association has initiated impactful school support projects aimed at enhancing the educational experiences of children facing various challenges. Our focus lies on aiding students encountering learning difficulties, and academic underachievement, as well as grappling with psychological and family issues. Specifically catering to children in grades 2nd through 4th, our center offers tailored Arabic, Mathematics, and English lessons utilizing a non-formal educational approach. Embracing “non-formal education” as an alternative or complementary method to traditional “formal education,” our program contributes to the lifelong learning journey of individuals. Children attend sessions three days a week (Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday) after school, fostering a supportive environment where they can thrive academically and personally.

Summer Camp

Human Supporters Association recently organized the 12th edition of its annual “Living Together” Summer Camp from July 8th to July 28th. Established in collaboration with Ibrahim Father and the Samaritan Youth Club in 2008, the camp aims to unify the diverse communities of Nabus and provide children aged 7 to 13 with an engaging and educational summer experience. Hosted at the Al-Fatimiya Girl School, the camp accommodated 66 children daily and employed nine trained volunteers and staff, including both local and international members. Themed around fostering awareness, tolerance, and respect, the camp offered various activities such as handcrafts, photography, Dabkeh, theatre, and an environmental section. Additionally, it provided practical education on preparing healthy meals and organized cultural and educational visits, ensuring a comprehensive and enriching learning environment for the participants.

Winter Camp

Human Supporters Association will organize the 10th sessions of their annual Winter Camp. This initiative was set up in 2020 by HSA. Winter Camp 2019 was organized by the Human Supporters Association and included 30 children aged 8-12 years and formers corners: handcrafts, first aid, photography, and games group). The theme of Winter Camp is “raising awareness and promoting tolerance and respect through various activities”

Women Club

Within the project SudHave2, the Human Supporters Association organized training for women called “Enhancing the Participation of Marginalized Women in Community Activities”. We had several meetings and trainings for women and mothers. The main purpose of the training was to put forward a positive way of using education in daily life. One of the activities was to explain to the parents the importance of non-use of violence and punishment during the child’s upbringing. We trained parents on how to find alternative ways and how to raise their children in a peaceful and non-violent way. We gave women the opportunity to participate in the meeting and be part of the group, share experiences and problems with each other, make friends, and stick together.

Children Protection Workshop

HSA provided workshops in cooperation with “The Palestinian Counseling Center” for children aged 7-13 years. The main purpose is to educate children about child protection from violence and harassment. The activities include drawing, coloring, playing group games, teaching children how to use the computer well, and choosing their favorite games, and playing them online. The achievement of the project was to strengthen their personality and develop their talents that will enhance their self-confidence and build a strong friendship between each other.

First Aid Workshop

The workshop was designed and delivered to reassure the children and equip them with tools to assess emergencies and provide immediate first aid when accidents occur. Prompt and appropriate first aid saves lives. We believe that it is vitally important that children learn about basic skills. First aid will be taught in an interactive and participatory way.


Oktoberkoret Danish Band

One of the cultural activities we organized was the concert festival in cooperation with the “Danish band Oktoberkoret” consisting of 25 people with the Taramin band of HSA, and the participation of the Palestine artist “Murad Sweit”. The group performed in different places as an Al-Quds open university, and a Child Cultural center for elder people in Askar refugee camp. The goal of the concert was to enrich the intercultural exchange between European and Arabic music.


Festiclown Palestine is an annual festival organized by HSA along with our partners Pallasos en Rebeldia and Rivas municipality, Spain. This partnership, initiated in 2011, brings together clowns in collaboration with numerous clown and circus teams from around the world. In solidarity with the Palestinian issue, this year’s event welcomed 35 clowns and activists from various parts of the globe, presenting diverse performances across multiple areas of the West Bank. Activities commenced in the Askar refugee camp and Jenin camp, extending to government schools. In collaboration with the Directorate of Education, we targeted six government schools in Nablus, reaching villages like Bavaria in the Jordan Valley. In total, we conducted 12 ceremonies, including a street show in Nablus’ old city, in cooperation with ‘Therapy through Laughter.’ Our workshops for children and volunteers creatively utilized recycled materials to build musical instruments, engage in art activities, participate in group games, and prepare Spanish recipes. All these engaging activities were executed within a few days.

Dabkeh Dance

HSA provides Dabkeh lessons for children, held at the associations twice a week. This training aims to teach the children how to create an artistic work by dancing to various songs. Also, it motivates the children and encourages them to develop their skills.

Capoeira Workshop

Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art that combines elements of dance, acrobatics, and music. It was developed by enslaved Africans in Brazil, at the beginning of the 16th century. Part of the Workshop was the music part, getting involved in the knowledge about History, playing percussion instruments, practicing defensive, attacking, and discussing moves, and going to play with a Capoeira and between each other.

Easton Club , Football Team

The Easton Cowboys and Cowgirls Sport and Social Club, hailing from England, arrived to engage in a football match with four local teams as a demonstration of their solidarity and support for Palestine.



The European Voluntary Service (EVS) gives young people the opportunity to express their personal commitment through full-time voluntary work a foreign country within or outside the EU. The EVS aims to develop solidarity, mutual understanding, and tolerance among young people, while contributing to strengthening social cohesion and promoting active citizenship.


EU-Aid Volunteers

The EU-Aid Volunteers is an initiative of the European Union. It brings together volunteers and organizations from different countries, providing practical support to humanitarian aid projects and contributing to strengthening the local capacity and resilience of disaster-affected communities. Participants in the EU Aid volunteers initiative must be over 18 years of age and be a citizen of an EU Member State or long-term residents in the EU.

Youth Exchange

It began in February 2011 when our Dabkeh and music team visited Nanterre and other places in France. As a result of the partnership, HSA has received 16 members of the youth representative of Nanterre municipality. We participated in several youth exchanges since 2011 in collaboration between HSA and Europe. For example, HSA just sent 2 volunteers to Nantes, France in collaboration with CEMEA there they will learn French and will receive the official BAFA training to become professional Youth Leaders.


French Classes

HSA continues providing French classes for local students. The class is taught by volunteers from France. There is a different level for beginners, and it includes speaking, writing, and listening. The second level is for students who are already studying French. Hence, the focus is on improving their conversation skills.

English Classes

HSA offers English classes for students twice a week at 2:30 p.m., catering to two proficiency levels: Beginners and Conversation. The Beginners group comprises 12 members, while the Conversation class consists of 13 participants. In the Beginners class, the emphasis is placed on practicing grammar rules, speaking, and listening skills. Conversely, the advanced lessons focus on honing speaking, listening, and teamwork abilities. The lesson topics are democratically chosen and agreed upon by the students for the upcoming sessions. Both classes commence with an energizing activity, fostering a sense of camaraderie among the students.

Training of the trainers

We strongly advocate the exchange of skills, which is why we actively engage our international volunteers in training our local staff. Among the various activities, we conducted a drop-box training session as part of this initiative. Our continuous pursuit is to broaden our knowledge base and skill set, thereby enhancing the efficiency of our organization. We enthusiastically welcome capacity-building training sessions conducted by international volunteers who bring valuable expertise, making HSA more sustainable and better equipped to address the needs of vulnerable children in the most effective manner possible.

Street libraries

Street libraries serve as vibrant cultural hubs aimed at fostering the joy of reading, learning, and artistic exploration among children. Located in various spots across Nablus, including the central square, parks, stairwells, and even nestled alongside mountainsides, these street libraries serve as accessible havens for the community. Their presence ensures that these enriching activities extend their reach to children and families throughout the area.

BAFA training

BAFA training was specifically designed to empower volunteers to become effective and proactive leaders. At its core, the project aims to educate and train local volunteers in the realms of human rights and development. Through engaging and participatory workshops facilitated by HSA staff, EU-Aid volunteers, EVS volunteers, and Civic Service volunteers, participants had the opportunity to enhance their skills and knowledge. The training covers various courses, including group games, energizers, psycho-drama, and handcraft sessions. Upon completion, all participants are awarded an official BAFA certificate, marking their successful participation in the program.

Back to school

HSA distributes school bags to children, each containing essential materials like pencils and sketchbooks. This project aims to provide crucial educational support to children, recognizing that not every family can afford these supplies. By offering material assistance, our goal is to aid children in their education, ensuring they have the necessary tools to thrive in their learning endeavors.

Delegation of Foreigners in Palestine

Italian delegation

HSA usually extends a warm welcome to visitors from Italy, fostering meaningful connections and cultural exchanges. During their visits, a delegation of 50 individuals is introduced to the association through informative videos. Engaging discussions usually ensue, focusing on HSA’s diverse range of activities catering to various segments of society. The delegation is introduced to our vibrant community of children, showcasing their impressive talents, including captivating displays of Dabkeh. This experience usually provides our Italian guests with a deeper understanding of our association’s initiatives and the talents thriving within our community.

French delegation

HSA usually extends a warm welcome to visiting delegations, such as the recent group from the “Amis d’Abu Dis” association in Rezé (Nantes), France. These visitors came to discover and experience the local culture and the living conditions of those under occupation. Introductions to our association typically involve a visit to Nablus, providing insights into our initiatives. Engaging discussions usually follow, covering various activities catered to different segments of society that the association provides.

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