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Latest update : 24 December 2019.

Archive psycho-educational program

Human Right theater :
The main aim of the Human Right theater project was base on “Breaking the fourth wall”. Using theater to raise awareness on Human Right issues an educate the audience can also create empathy and connection. The aim of this project was to help whildren coping with their frustations by provided them with a sense of security. Another goal of the project was to involve children in building a better Palestinian society. The project wanted to show the society that they have right to live in a state where human rights are being respected.

"Voice of Kids magazine" Project :
Voice of Kids is a branch of our psycho-educational program, which gave young people a chance to collaborated on and eventually published their own magazine. The program was dedicated to gained awareness of the traumatic experiences of young people growing up in and around Nablus under the present occupation. It used a political and psychological approach to build trust and restore confidence in our young people. The program combined all our work methods. The first aim was to create an alternative and trusyed environment within the group, while gave the kids the opportunity to express their emotions and feelings and to reflect upon themselves and others. The Voice of Kids team learned, how to take responsability through the preparation of projects that are decided at the beginning of the second phase. Th children had to answer questions such as; what do you like ? What don’t you like ? How can you change what you don’t like ? These questions empowered the group to express themselves, and made them feel useful and helpful in their society. It achieved the goal of made the kids go past their frustrations related to the context of Palestine in order to builded up a new and alternative way of make positive actions. During this third working phases, the kids become real young journalists. The group are supplied with the critical tools that enable them to analize media and news concerning social or political issues. This stage give them the opportunity to interviewed the people around them to get other perspectives, and gave them full responsability for their own work. During this process, the children were able to learn how to write precisely about their thoughts and emotions.
The final stage represented the result of all the work completed during the year by the Voice of Kids team. In the last few months, the team gathers the articles they have written, and creates a magazine for publication. Cooperation is key when facing the many unforeseen difficulties and problems that may appear in this phase-this one of the foundamental capacity of the Voice of Kids team spirit for the children, the magazine is the first physical proof of what they are able to do. They showed with pride all the work and endeavour of the whole year to their families,friends and relatives. Added to this, the Voice of Kids program spreads out their achievements, questions and thoughts to the local and international community, letting their voices be heard all around the world.

Education for all- Improved Achievement and Lessened Violence in Schools :
The concept of the project was to improved learning opportunities for underachieving children in Nablus especially the Old City and refugee camps. We organized supporting classes for almost illiterate children. The program achieved three interrelated goals. We provided remedical classes for underachieving schools pupils, prevent violence in schools thought awareness sessiosn, and provided part-time employment for high-ranking needy university students.

Controlling your emotions "workshop for children" :
Between the 14th and the 18th of January 2018 Polish EVS volunteers conducted a psycho-educational workshop for children. Through arts, different games and discussions, children learnt how to recognize, understand their own emotions. The workshop was also an opportunity for them to practice different strategies of coping with stressful situations and express emotions through the use of shadow theater.

Political Club :
The Political Club took place every sunday in the afternoon. It was run by a polish volunteer. The main aim of the workshop was to develop knowledge about media, international relations, religions and international organizations.

Cultural, sport and arts

Film Club :

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