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Who we are

Latest update : 23 December 2019.

In may 2002, following the Israeli invasion in Nablus, a group of young paramedical workers decided to get involved with children and teenagers who had been affected by traumatic situations. The aim was to enhance the quality of their lives and bring them happiness by keeping them coping with their trauma trough resilience practices. These initiatives are, according to the Convention of the Rights of the Child; an effective war for children to claim their rights. In order to achieve these goals, the team organized regular activities for young people from Nablus and its surrounding area based on psycho educational methods. In June, 14, 2006, Human Supporters Association was officially recognized as a Nongovernmental Organization, and has continued to grow since by providing 4 types of programs : psycho-educational, educational, sportive and cultural, and the self-sustainability. In such continuing difficult political and social context, HSA provides the youth and women of Nablus with proactive and Nonviolent alternative tools while keeping an political posture.

Mission and objectives :
Human Supporters association’s mission is to empower, mobilize, and serve the local community with a special focus on children, youth and women. HSA focus to target children, young adolescents and women in underserved and marginalized communities : refugee camps, remote villages and in the old town of Nablus.
The main objective of the psychosocial program is to improve the living conditions of the children and build and improve their future life through education, rehabilitation, support, networking, creating opportunities and training.
The goal of HSA is to help disadvantaged communities to build a strong society and get rid off discrimination against social, gender and religious inequalities. HSA also aims at promoting the provisions of equal opportunities in accessing cultural and recreational activities for children, women and youth as well as increasing their financial independenc. HSA develops networks of local and international organization to support and empower the most vulnerable communities in Nablus. Human Supporters team is comprised of local employees, who have long term experience in this fiel. Simultaneously important part of HSA include international and local volunteers. HSA believes that Palestinian children, in connection of the political situation (live under the occupation) need such kind of psychosocial support that includes international components in order to foster openness and expand horizons of beneficiary children.
Society become successful when creating hundreds of opportunities for children trough training, education, networking and international exchange.

Our programme/ Fields of activity :

  1. Psycho-educational projects
  2. Educational and linguistic projects
  3. Cultural, sport and arts projects
  4. International exchange
  5. Alternative way of visiting Palestine (delegation)
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