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About Your Right Project

Targeted group :
10 Italian artists recruited by Assopace, Italy, aged between 18-25 years ;2 Italian team leaders (with regards to gender balance);10 Palestinian artists recruited by Human Supporters Association (HSA), aged between 18-25 years;2 Palestinian team leaders (with regards to gender balance).

Final beneficiary :
20 Known Community leaders and CBO workers from marginalized areas of Nablus and its surroundings; 2000 Society members to attend activities, meetings and the final performances in the streets of Nablus.

estimated results :
1) Promoted intercultural cooperation and exchange of knowledge on Human Rights using artistic expression; 2) Empowered youth to advocate for their rights among their peers and society members enabling them to take part in the decision-making process .
Non-Formal Education
When tackling an important issue such as Human Rights violations, it is essential to prevent the debilitating effects of prejudices and negative impressions which afflict societies around the world today. The erosion of cultural misgivings and ignorance is of fundamental importance to the project as well as to the core aims of Human Supporters Association. We adopt the methods of non-formal education that we consider to be more responsive to the needs of the young participants and more suitable to promote interactive learning, cooperation and to facilitate communication and constructive exchange.
In the early stages of the first meeting (You’r Right! IT-31-E50-2012-R2) we proposed games of knowledge, through the support of pedagogical tools such as self-narration and story telling techniques to foster interaction and dialogue. With this project, which could be considered as our second meeting we want to go deeper in the mutual knowledge using dramatic techniques of body expression, dance, eurythmy, biomechanics in order to facilitate the rising of common experiences, personal and cultural narratives. The moments of self-managed exchange of mutual artistic skills will enable the realization of the responsibilities of the group and the development of the capacity to organize and plan the activities in time and space together. Active participation in the construction of common artistic performances contribute to the spirit, empathy and harmony of the group. The methods are flexible, changeable, and bounded only by the participants’ will. Most of the activities will take place "en plein air" . We will propose recreational and leisure activities such as cineforum and cultural evenings linked to the Italian and Palestinian traditions, as well as a final party (parade) open to the citizens of Nablus.

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