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About us

Human Supporters Association H.S.A defines itself as a grassroots organization, officially established 2006 in and strate operation since then. H.S.A offer the youth of Palestine a non-violent,proactive alternative in dealing with the given political realities, and aims tobe a gathering point for activists promoting justice and social change within the Palestinian society.

Mission and Objectives :

Human Supporters Association’s mission is to empower, mobilize, and serve the local community with a special focus on children, youth and women. H.S.A trying to target children and young adolescents in underserved and marginalized communties, specifically refugee camps, remote villages and the old city of Nablus. To ensure their psycho-educational wellbing and teach them how to become proactive in their own society in a positive, productive manner. Such psychosocial programs aim at improving their future life trough education, rehabilitation, support, networking, creating opportunities and training.

Our objectives are therefore to aid the effected to build a tolerable society and eradicate discrimination against social classes, and gender and religious inequality; to encourage the provision of equal opportunities for cultural and recreational activities for children, youth, and women and to increase financial independence and develop networks with local and international organizations.
The H.S.A has a strong team of employees and volunteers locally and internationally and keeps building and expanding the network of volunteers to diversify the experience and guarantee the sustainability of its programs and activities. H.S.A believes that Palestinian children in targeted geographic locations need such kind of psychosocial support that includes international components to order opennes and expand the horizons of beneficiary children. The society succeeded in creating hundreds of opportunities for children trough training, education, networking and international exchange.

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